Septum Kosta Boda
Septum in the group Decoration / Vases at Kosta Boda Art Gallery (43141)


Artist: Mattias Stenberg
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    It did not take long before Mattias Stenberg became of part of the glass blowing team at Kosta Boda and soon afterwards Septum was created. Septum, being the most advanced glass piece ever produced by Kosta Boda and requiring five of the world?s most renowned glass blowers to create. Each vase is unique in its design and inside each vase there is a playfulness which reflects the artwork?s personality. Septum is a fantastic vase, but at the same time it is piece of artwork that requires a great deal of commitment and time to create. The Septum series is made up of three different vases in three different colors. The vases work just as well individually as a collection. The colors and shapes a very natural and are partially inspired of Scandinavian glass art from the 60s and 70s.The whole series is handmade in Kosta, Swedeb and there may be bubbles.
    Height: 220 mm
    Width: 210 mm
    Kosta Boda
    Kosta Boda is synonymous with innovative design that has a lot of personality. The art glass designers create both beautiful utility items and art glass that are exhibited and sold across the world. Founded in 1742, Kosta Boda is the oldest Swedish glassworks, and still produces high quality glass that stands the test of time. It has kept all of its historical charm and traditional manufacturing, and has also developed cutting edge modern techniques that broaden the expressive range of the designers at Kosta Boda.