Boat Songs Of Dead Kosta Boda
Boat Songs of Dead
Boat Songs of Dead
Boat Songs of Dead
Boat Songs of Dead
Boat Songs of Dead
Boat Songs of Dead in the group Decoration / Sculptures at Kosta Boda Art Gallery (42460)

Boat Songs of Dead

Artist: Bertil Vallien
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    I make boats that sink. That sink through memories and dreams. I make boats that do not need latitudes, they navigate as vitrified vessels against the horizons of the imagination. One container for Moses and one for the Viking chief. The traveler must rely on the thin skin that is the only thing that separates her from the unknown.The boat has always fascinated me, for its beautiful form and for what it means: income, adventure, travel, birth and death. A symbol that belongs to our collective consciousness. We all have a respectful relationship with the boat. The fisherman in the archipelago does not cut up his tired boat for fire wood, When she is no longer able, she can rest in peace and slowly nurture new boats. I understand that the most cruel sailor with respect and reverence calls his life insurance and craft for Her. A life-giving mother to trust when society is separated from the solid ground.- Bertil Vallien
    Depth / Length: 550 mm
    Height: 80 mm
    Width: 90 mm
    Kosta Boda
    Kosta Boda is synonymous with innovative design that has a lot of personality. The art glass designers create both beautiful utility items and art glass that are exhibited and sold across the world. Founded in 1742, Kosta Boda is the oldest Swedish glassworks, and still produces high quality glass that stands the test of time. It has kept all of its historical charm and traditional manufacturing, and has also developed cutting edge modern techniques that broaden the expressive range of the designers at Kosta Boda.

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