Martti Rytkönen

It is with striking warmth that he speaks of the cold.

About northern Karelen in Finland, directly on the border with Russia.

From there he sees water in all directions and glittering ice during the winter. Here, Martii Rytkönen is enchanted by the clarity and purity, of shiny surfaces and translucency.

Orrefors Kosta Boda 2014.

One of his sculptures is a massive crystal cube that balances elegantly on a corner’s edge. Some exact cuts in the glass create endless variations and reflections depending from what angle you see it from. This is why it is called “Angle". Simple and clean. It could have been made of ice.

Martti Rytkönen is the clear master of glass. When he uses color it is transparent.

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Oval Bowl

€ 592 € 741

Width: 19 cm

Limited edition