Lena Bergström

Lamps, textiles, vases, bowls, art glass... Lena Bergström has a solid design career behind her. Her works have been exhibited in cities across the world such as Tokyo, New York and Sao Paolo, as well as in her native Sweden. Glass is not the only material Lena has worked with.

She received her artistic education at the College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. She majored in Textile, art and design. Ever since, she has worked with design and educated herself even further. Lena started working for Orrefors in 1994 and has been very productive, in particular when it comes to designing items for everyday use.

Handbag Lena

€ 1 878 € 3 756

Height: 16 cm

Limited edition
Handbag Kristina

€ 1 744 € 3 756

Height: 27 cm

Limited edition