Kjell Engman

Hovering at the bottom of the mountain are angels of glass. The mystical creature burns in red and orange. It appears to be moving. The devil is lurking in a corner. His large body spies down from the roof of the cave. Mystical music and sounds transport the visitors to another world. Kjell Engman’s world. His exhibitions are usually not an exhibition. They are magnificent performances.

It is a tale of good and evil. Heaven and Earth. However, it could just as well be about a night of dancing in the famous Swedish Brunnsparken dance bar in the sixties. It could even be yuppies from the eighties, who today are wrinkled and bald. Music, light and set design allow the glass sculptures to tell their stories.

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Series: Rolling Tones

Rolling Tones Carpet 100x140

€ 356 € 445

Width: 140 cm

Limited edition