Erika Lagerbielke

First the world is blue. Then it becomes red and green. She can give the world any color she wants. Erika is four years old and gazes out through the windows on the glass veranda. It is the glasspanes in various colors that entice her to stand there. As soon as she moves just a little, the whole world changes. Almost fifty years later, Erika Lagerbielke is just as interested in how slight variations in the glass can make such a big difference.

If you had asked Erika as a child what she wanted to be when she grew up, she probably would not have understood the question. Mom was a textile artist and dad was a graphic designer. Becoming an artist was obvious to her.

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Desire Vase Large

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Height: 26 cm

Limited edition
Desire Vase Small

€ 148 € 494

Height: 15 cm

Limited edition
Desire Vase Low

€ 494 € 1 087

Diameter: 30 cm

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