Bertil Vallien

Bertil Vallien’s sand-casted glass boat stirs up elements of the subconscious. If you pause to analyze them, they will become slippery and slip away. Like dreams. These silent, slender boats have glided over the world’s seas with their messages and raised eyebrows for nearly 30 years. Loaded with frozen symbols and secrets, they speak to us of the existential.

Every day begins with a dip in the river. In the winter he cuts a hole in the ice and the bitter cold gets the endorphins rushing through the body.

-It is like starting over every morning! Says Bertil Vallien.

The existential questions were awakened early. He is the second oldest of seven children and in their home in Sollentuna, abided by the Lord’s will and discipline. His father was a very strict Nonconformist. One must live according to the Bible. To the letter.

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Landing Carpet 195x280

€ 1 257 € 1 572

Width: 280 cm

Limited edition
Landing Carpet 155x225

€ 783 € 979

Width: 225 cm

Limited edition
Landing Carpet 135x195

€ 625 € 781

Width: 195 cm

Limited edition
Landing Carpet 100x145

€ 356 € 445

Width: 145 cm

Limited edition