Åsa Jungnelius

When Kosta Boda recruited new designers in 2007 the choice fell upon Åsa Jungnelius. An artist who wants to challenge the current view of what is tasteful, and has been called a glass feminist. Åsa is part of the new generation of designers at Kosta Boda in Småland, Sweden.

Småland was in fact where she started her thorough education. She became a glass blower, a profession that requires skill, precision and feeling. After that she went off to England, Kenya, Italy and the USA to further educate herself. When she returned to Sweden she started her studies at the College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm.




Weapons, Oh I Am On Fire

€ 1 582

Height: 62 cm

Make Up Brown

€ 1 342 € 1 878

Height: 45 cm

Sold out
Sugar Dandy Dish

€ 474

Width: 30 cm

Limited edition
Make Up Nail Polish Brown

€ 1 260 € 1 878

Height: 45 cm

Sold out