Anna Ehrner

It is the softer side of glass that Anna Ehrner wishes to capture. She retrieves veils and waves from the floating molten glass, and it continues to move despite the fact the mass has hardened. Anna Ehrner is the movement. And she is looking for something that does not exist.

She kneels in the workshop with a group of craftsmen surrounding her and sketches on the cement floor with a piece of chalk. The movements are large and quick. She points and explains using her whole body. A new vase is in production and samples are coming forth. The vase is quite high and transparent purple.

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Power Carpet 195x280

€ 1 257 € 1 572

Width: 280 cm

Limited edition
Power Carpet 155x220

€ 783 € 979

Width: 220 cm

Limited edition
Power Carpet 135x190

€ 625 € 781

Width: 195 cm

Limited edition