Malin Lindahl

An innovative approach to established techniques characterises Orrefors' new design talent Malin Lindahl. After studies at the College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm Malin came to Orrefors on a scholarship in 1999. She has been affiliated to the glassworks since the spring of 2002.

In her early years with Orrefors, Malin has taken a look back in time, both probing the history of the glassworks and Swedish folk art. From the rich source of Swedish folklore she borrows events and items that she reinterprets.

She explores the classic Orrefors techniques of engraving and deep blasting. Both these techniques are unusual in modern design. By virtue of being time consuming they are expressive of the artist's presence in the object. These techniques are representative of values that have been partly lost, and Malin regards it as her mission to reinstate these values. Part of the appeal of these techniques is that they enable the motif to be fully integrated in the crystal. Delicate designs and images hover in the air giving an impression that is strong and fragile at the same time.

The lustre of clear crystal, its transparency and infinite potential for optical surprises, is what originally drew her to glass. Malin also considers the glass itself to be a great source of inspiration because it is such an exciting material to work with. It offers unforeseen things ? when you add pattern and form it always turns into something new.